Why I decided to travel

It felt right. It felt like the most natural thing for me to do.

 I didn’t set out on this trip to “find myself”. I didn’t set out to check mark a bunch of countries off a list. I didn’t set out with a complete plan. I didn’t even know how long I would be gone, which my parents weren’t too excited about. I just knew that it was a chance worth taking.  

 This led to me booking a one-way ticket to Vietnam, packing a backpack and figuring it out as I went. It’s hard to try to sum up these last months because each has been filled with so many experiences. When thinking about it, my mind turns into a whirlpool of places and people. One thing I can say is that this has been the ultimate push outside my comfort zone and I wouldn’t change a single moment. It has also taught me the importance of gratitude and appreciation by allowing moments to consider the world from another perspective.

 Everything hasn’t been Insta-worthy and I want to apologize if it appears that way on social media. By now, we all know that what you see on social media isn’t reality most of the time. Traveling also doesn’t make you immune to having bad days. It doesn’t automatically erase problems you had in your life. You just have to deal with those lingering problems while figuring out where to stay and what to do each day. However, it does shed light on problems that don’t need to exist. There have been so many moments where I’m in awe of my surroundings and the fact I’m half way across the world. Those moments make me thankful for all the support I have back home.

 One of the main reasons I have the courage to travel is because of my amazing friends and family back home. Being half way across the world makes you appreciate home so much more. I wanted a change in environment and to get out of my comfortable routine. That was definitely achieved. Now I crave a bit of familiarity. However, you reach a point where everything around you feels familiar because the world has become your home.  

 So, if you want to travel, go for it! Make it happen and let me know if you need any advice or just a pep talk. I’ll share all the mistakes I’ve made and any tips I’ve picked up. There’s so much to experience and discover in the world. Above all, just take a leap outside your comfort zone.

 I booked that ticket to Vietnam because it’s what I knew was right for me. It was right after graduation and my original plan fell through. So, I did what I always wanted to do. This isn’t a persuasive essay to convince everyone to book a one-way ticket and set off. It’s not for everyone and never compare your life to someone else’s. My journey is not yours and yours is not mine. Realize that your life doesn’t have to be measured by age or other people’s expectations. This is a reminder to truly think about what you want and if you’re willing to take the steps to making it happen.